Sunday, June 3, 2007

Progress Report: Work and Page Administration

As I said earlier, I've been making really good progress writing the kinds of administrative features that Rails excels at. Despite my digression to implement zoom, in the last two weeks I've added code for:
  • Converting a set of titled images into a work composed of pages
  • Creating a new, blank work
  • Editing title and description information about a work
  • Deleting a work
  • Viewing the list of pages within a work and their status
  • Re-ording those pages within the list
  • Adding a new page
  • Editing or deleting a page
  • Rotating, and re-scaling the image on a page
  • Uploading a replacement image for a page
None of these are really very sexy, but they're all powerful. The fact that I was able to implement page re-ordering, new work creation, new page creation, and page deletion from start to finish during my daughter's nap today — in addition to refactoring my tab UI and completing image uploads — reminds me of why I love Ruby on Rails.

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