Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two New Diary Transcription Projects

The last few weeks have seen the announcement of two new transcription projects. I'm particularly excited about them because--like FromThePage--their manuscripts are diaries and they plan to open the transcription tasks to the public.

Dear Diary announces the digitization of University of Iowa's Historic Iowa Children's Diaries:
We have a deep love for historic diaries as well, and we’re currently hard at work developing a site that will allow the public to help enhance our collections through “crowdsourcing” or collaborative transcription of diaries and other manuscript materials. Stay tuned!
A Look Inside J. Paul Getty’s Newly Digitized Diaries describes J. Paul Getty's diaries and their contents, and mentions in passing that
We will soon launch a website that will invite your participation to perform the transcriptions (via crowdsourcing), thus rendering the diaries keyword-searchable and dramatically improving their accessibility.
I will be very interested to follow these projects and see which transcription systems they use or develop.

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