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"[S]imply the finest crowdsourcing manuscript transcription software on the planet" — Max Spiegel (Zebrapedia, the Exegesis of Philip K. Dick)
FromThePage is a collaborative transcription platform released under the AGPL 3.0 open-source software license. It is unique among manuscript transcription tools in its ability to easily link references within a text to categorized subjects, automatically suggesting such linkages to editors and dynamically tracking and indexing references to terms. Institutions using FromThePage include the San Diego Natural History Museum, Northwestern University Libraries, Rhodes College Library, Pennsylvania State University's English department, and the University of Delaware's History department. The tool has been used for subject matter ranging from herpetology field notes to military diaries and from literary author's notebooks to punk rock fanzines
"FromThePage enabled Southwestern's Special Collections to use volunteers to transcribe an 1846 US-Mexico War diary. Not only did we end up with an excellent transcription, but a very knowledgeable volunteer added valuable detailed historical notes about people and places mentioned in the diary."  — Kathryn Stallard, Head of Special Collections at Southwestern University.

FromThePage is available as a free download from GitHub.  Customization, installation, and maintenance is also available on a contract basis.

Your institution can also host its transcription project on FromThePage.com for an annual fee.  Contact us to set up a free trial.
The killer feature that takes FromThePage well beyond other transcription interfaces I have seen [...] is the powerful yet simple wiki-like annotation and indexing feature. Using simple double brackets, or an optional automatic suggested markup feature, simple transcriptions immediately become “tagged” (though only for items explicit in a text, rather than arbitrary tags) in a truly powerful way, allowing visitors to find documents through a index of subjects, places, or people – or jump immediately from linked subjects within a text to others like it in what becomes a rich hypertext environment.
— Konrad Lawson, "Crowdsourced Transcription: FromThePage and Scripto"; ProfHacker, Chronicle of Higher Education
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